homecontrol4me – the remote for around the house and garden

Build your own homecontrol based the open source project Arduino.
Use your PC, smartphone or tablet to regulate your radio outlet!
You can use it at home via local network or even on the road via internet.


03.01.2013 - homecontrol4me sketch v1.102 is online
26.12.2012 - homecontrol4me sketch v1.101 is online
17.02.2012 - Board is online!
24.02.2012 - homecontrol4me sketch v1.1 is online
13.11.2012 - GitHub is running - Thanks a million to xkonni
15.11.2012 - New Board-Category "homecontrol4me meets Raspberry Pi"


Android Userinterface

Current Features:

  • Regulation of radio outlets via webinterface and Android smartphone
  • Regulation via original remote
  • Connection via: cable network, wifi or internet
  • Webserver: Webduino with Basic Authentification
  • Configurable buttons in the webinterface
  • Networkproperties configurable via browser
  • Dynamic IP-assignment via DHCP


  • GitHub (support the development of the Arduino-firmware and extend the features)

Geteste Funksteckdosen:

  • ELRO
  • Zehjiang Kangtai Electric

Basically it should work for all radio sockets that use the HX2272 chip or comparable. Currently homecontrol4me does only support outlets that have a 10 DIP-Switch-Code on their backside.
Get additional Info's here.

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