homecontrol4me - Smartphone-App

Here you will find information about how to control homecontrol4me via the smart phone app.

News: Android app now at Google Play-Store at the regular price 1,89€

Android App

The App is optimized for the smartphone sized devices. The resolution on Android tablets is currently not optimized but don’t worry, I’m working on it!


Here you can see the user interface of the homecontrol4me app. Pictures can be assigned to the different buttons. Furthermore you can decide if you want to take the labelling of the homecontrol4me control or want to use your own labelling. You can also control other radio controls that are assigned to the web interface of the homecontrol4me control.

The following scenario could take place: Father and son live in the same household and each of them owns a smart phone. Now the son can control different outlets using his phone than the father using his smart phone. However, only one homecontrol4me control is necessary for each household.


Here you can see the settings menu. The server addresses of the homecontrol4me control are listed here. You can choose the internet or an internal network. Furthermore the password that is used for the control is set here and the update interval is set to retrieve the current status of the radio outlets.

Button settings

Here you can configure the buttons after your preferences. Search the icon library for a fitting icon that you want to use. You can also decide whether you want to keep the labelling of the control or want to use your own labelling. Same thing goes for the outlet number. You can either choose to keep the number set in the control or renumber the outlets.

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