Here you will find information about the userinterface of homecontrol4me.



This is the welcome page of homecontrol4me. The buttons can be renamed within the menu "settings". The first four buttons can be controlled via the original remote that is usually included in every package of 3 you can buy (code 0000 all DIP-switches disabled). The minimalistic design of the web interface was chosen on purpose since without an SD card the Arduino board does only have very limited storage.


Within this menu you will be able to name every button. Furthermore you can assign buttons to a specific radio outlet. All together there are 160 different variations for the coding of the outlets (DIP-switches on the backside of the outlets).

Network settings

Here you can apply changes to the network settings of the Arduino. The changes are saved within the Arduino’s EEProm. The IP can either be set manually or by activating the option "DHCP" which will result in an automatic IP generation by the router. The Arduino will from then on be listed as "Arduino" within the web interface of the router.


homecontrol4me provides "Basic Authentification" (the password for the Apache Webserver is "htaccess"). The username and the password are BASE65-coded sent to the Arduino –board and decoded there. You can change your password here. The username is "admin" by default and is set within the code of the programme.

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